Scripts to help you with prospecting

Scripts to help you with prospecting.

There are two types of people. Those who love scripts, or those who hate them and think no one should use them.

Either way, know what to say to someone makes it easier to talk with people about your products and business.

Many people spend TOO much time thinking about they should be saying. This is why it has become so popular to use scripts.

When I first came into network marketing, this was a big struggle for me too! I knew there had to be a simple way to figure out if someone needed my products or business.

I also knew that I wanted to have human conversations. Every person has a story to share, and people love to talk!

Scripts can be flexible, and it’s good to change them to fit the way you talk.

So what are some of the things that you should be saying when you talk with prospects?

Having a normal conversation is a great place to start. Think about how you met some of your real life friends. What did you say the first time that you talked with them?

Honestly you probably talked about a common interest. Since people put their entire lives on social media, you can find lots of different things to talk about from their profile!

Asking questions is a great way to find out how your products or business can help them.

Here are some of questions that you can use with any type of product or business:

  • Question #1: How long have you had this problem?
  • Question #2: What have you done to fix this problem?
  • Question #3: What were the results?
  • Question #4: Who else is being affected by this problem?
  • Question #5: If something doesn’t change, in the next 12 months, what is the long-term effect on you and those affected?

These questions allow people to think about what they are looking for and what they need. If you want to learn more about how to use questions to close, check out this blog post.

When people feel an emotion, they are more likely to feel the need for a solution.

Why did you join your network marketing company, or start using your products? There are other people out there just like you!

You Now Know More About Closing Sales Like a Pro Than 99% of the Population!

In essence you’ve just gotten $20,000+ worth of prospecting and recruiting coaching for free.

But don’t make the mistake of taking that lightly. Because the same 5 Question Script you just got is the same script that can help you close more sales, acquire more customers, and recruit more reps starting today.

Here’s to YOUR Success!


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