Building a home business when your spouse thinks it’s a waste of time

I have heard from many people struggling with trying to get their business off the ground when their spouse thinks that it’s a waste of time and money. They get upset when you are on your phone or computer. They get upset when you are answering messages that could bring you sales. They get upset when they don’t see quick money coming in.

For a while, I was dealing with this myself. In the beginning, I created a plan that allowed me to do everything when my husband was not around. I even went as far as staying out in the pasture with my horses longer just so that I could listen to training or do videos.

After a few years of this though, my husband became more verbally abusive about it. He would get mad at me when the team chats were sending notifications to my phone. He started getting mad I had a zoom meeting with my team. There were even times when he would come in the room to look at my phone or computer and see who all the people were on there.

It started to wear on my nerves. I stopped answering messages on social media or even text messages that came through from friends and family. My friends would joke and say that messages would be answered in 2-3 business days. That’s usually when I would be able to find time in my car or when I was out hiking, to check messages.

It got to the point where I was at the lowest production ever for my business. I refused to give up, but I was doing things at a snail’s pace.

For me, it turned out to be a red flag that my marriage was not what I thought it was. From 2017-2021 I fought to try to keep things together. Doing everything that I could to make this marriage work. I was lying to myself though. It was just continuing to fall apart. I was yelled at for hours at a time while my husband blocked me in a room. I was told that everything I do is a waste of time. I was told that no one would ever care about me and that people hate me. He threatened to sell my dogs, cats, and horses. If I didn’t do what my husband wanted, or if I questioned him, I would be yelled at continuously.

I was tired of being told that I was not good enough. I was tired of him messaging women on social media looking for a relationship. I was tired of him threatening to get a girlfriend. I wanted to be at peace. I wanted to enjoy life and my business. I finally decided that it was time to leave. Now I am in the process of rebuilding my life, a home, and my business.

I’m not saying that this extreme situation is the case for everyone who has a spouse that is against their business.

I’m not saying that you should end your marriage because your spouse doesn’t like your home business.

What I’m saying is that you should always fight for what you believe in.

Do you believe in your home business?

Or do you want to let it go?

If you truly enjoy it and see the future that it can bring for you, it’s worth fighting for. Find a way to keep going. Not everyone will believe in you and your goals. That’s OK.

YOU NEED  TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF THOUGH! Make the changes that need to be made. Create a plan that gives you some freedom to work without being put down.

If you are someone who is going through a situation with some red flags, check out my YouTube video HERE. Maybe I have some advice that can help you.

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