5 places to find unlimited prospects: Network Marketing

5 places to find unlimited prospects: Network Marketing

Have you felt as if you don’t have many people to talk about your products or business with?

I get that. I wasn’t sure who to talk with in the beginning either. I thought that when I posted on social media, all these people would reach out to me and that would be all I had to do!

Until you have people reaching out to you, you will have to find prospects in order for your business to grow.

Where can you find these people? You can checkout the YouTube video here.

These 5 steps will help you never run out of people again!

#1 is through posting stories. The people who view and respond to your stories on Facebook and Instagram are people who are little more of a warm market for you. They are already looking at what you’re doing. These are people who you can genuinely ask if they are just passing through, or if they would love to learn a bit more!

Put these people in a list. Hold onto them even if they say they’re not interested. Many times these people will continue looking some more and you can have another conversation at a later date. 

#2 is through referral posts. These are great because you get access to someone elses friends and followers. It expands the amount of people being exposed to what you are offering.

This will allow you to also start new conversations with people who are actually interested in what the post was about. It can be a little easier for those who do not like to cold prospect people.

#3 Hashtags! This works especially well on Instagram and TikTok. By following hashtags, you can follow the trail of people that are interested in different things. This gives you a way to connect with people that you can have conversations with, as well as find people who want the types of things that you offer.

#4 Facebook groups. This is a great way to connect with people over a specific topic and create a connection. This is not a place that you want to straight up prospect people. I recommend using this to find friends that you can have a conversation with.

#5 Facebook pages. This is another way that I love to connect with new people. If you’re someone looking to either cold prospect or build rapport, you can do either with pages.

Let me know what places you choose to use!

Did you find this helpful? Connect with me on social media to see more of what I’m up to!

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