How to close the sale in 60 seconds

How to close the sale in 60 seconds

Does it feel as if you are prospecting the same people over, and over, and never getting an answer? I have talked with, and worked with MANY people just like you who feel this way.

There are two things that can make this process much more enjoyable for you, and them…while allowing you to gather answers faster when you reach out to people.

If you missed the webinar on How to close the sale in 60 seconds, you can check it out on YouTube here.

A big part of making your prospecting efforts go faster, is setting your profile up the RIGHT way. Think of your profile as your business card. You want it to look professional. People want to know who you are, who you help, and what you do!

Many times when you are talking with people, they checkout your profile to see what else they can learn about you and even from you.

So what should this look like? In the YouTube video you can see the whole processes in depth. I will walk you through some of it here though.

  1. Your profile picture should be a clear picture of you. This way people know who it is that they are talking with.
  2. Your bio is a great place to write a small bit about who you help, or who you are. This is a great connection piece that helps people see you as relatable.
  3. Your posts should be providing some sort of value that people want, need or enjoy. Helpful and even entertaining posts will attract customers and business builders to you.

This is your handshake or resume.

Set your profile up the right way, and you will see better results.

Once you have this foundation, you can look at how to close the sale in 60 seconds.

This is where your reach outs are important.

Find something on the persons profile that you like or can connect with. Make a comment or even compliment them.

This will allow you to start a quick conversation.

As you are talking, you can then pop the question to them. This will look differently depending on the person that you are talking with.

An example might be “I’m not sure if you saw my post or not, but I help _______ with _____. Are you open to learning more about ______? If not, that totally fine.” Obviously this phrase can be adjusted to fit the person that you are talking with. In general this works with products and even business opportunities.

To get the full run down of how to do this all step by step, be sure to check out the YouTube video here.

Let me know what other topics you would like to see covered!

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