How To Prospect Successfully | Is It Important To Build Rapport?

A lot of people often ask, is it important to build rapport with prospects? And every coach has a different answer – here’s mine.

How To Prospect Successfully | Is It Important To Build Rapport?

In my opinion, no you don’t need to build rapport.

Sometimes when building rapport, you may come off as awkward or strange because you’re talking to someone you barely know and you’re trying to learn about their life. They might be hesitant.

But if you just get to the point right away and see if they’re open, you might have more success.

People don’t want to feel as if they are being “buttered up” or used.

You can create a quick connection and still get to the point of letting them know why you are connecting.

This does a few different things for you.

  1. It shows them that you are a person and not some social media bot
  2. It helps open the door, so they are OK with talking with you
  3. You don’t waste their time…or your time

If you spend months trying to build rapport before asking someone about the products or business, it will take a long time to get income coming in.

I have also found that those who spend a long time building rapport will start to overthink things. Then they get to a point where they don’t know how to transition the conversation to business.

When you are quick and to the point you will find the people who are already open to taking a look. You will also find the people who need more time, and then you can continue to build rapport.

Being quick and to the point allows you to funnel people through more easily, and you will be able to create sales faster.

If you want more people to know about what you can help them with, focus on creating content on your social media about problems that they have. Show your followers that you have solutions for them.

People who are looking for the type of content and information you share are going to be easier to prospect successfully. They will also be more likely to reach out to you looking for these solutions, so prospecting them quickly will allow you to help them right away.

This video will give you some quick tips that you can easily do to grow your business faster. In it you will learn the same things that have helped me get onto the leaderboards repeatedly, and rank advance twice in one month with my own business. Check out the video here.

If what you are doing is currently working for building your network marketing business! If you are looking for other methods to help you grow your business faster, try this and see who it works for you!

I highly recommend that as you do this, that you track the people that you talk with. You can use a notebook, Excel, or whatever works for you.

Use something so that you don’t lose people through the cracks. Lost people is lost money!

Chat soon!

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