The Secret of Attracting More Network Marketing Sales

The Secret of Attracting More Network Marketing Sales

Do you want more sales in your network marketing business, or to sign up more team members?

Make sure you are using the tools!

There are some people who find it easy to talk with others. Maybe you are one of them. When people ask you questions about your products or business, you go into a long explanation to tell them what they know.

When you do this, most people will think to themselves that they don’t want to have to memorize all that information. They will think that if they sign up, they have to do this too.

There’s an easier way for you to answer questions, and make your network marketing company look more appealing to others…

That is by using the tools.

Most network marketing companies have videos, PDFs or other things that you can share out to potential customers or potential team members.

When someone asks you a question send them one of these tools instead. Let them watch or read the information on their own.

When you do this not only is it less work for you, but people see how simple it is to do exactly what you are doing. Anyone can send a video or PDF that is already provided.

What if you don’t have a tool?

There are a couple things that you can do if this is the case.

First, I would go to your upline and ask them if there’s a tool that you are not aware of. Most companies have something that you can use because they want anyone to be able to promote their products and services.

Some people may use a sample pack as their tool, or a demonstration product.

Your upline may even have a YouTube video that you can use.

If all else fails…

I would highly recommend making your own video that you can share out.

The company that I am with has a whole library of tools that we use, but I know a few people on my team chose to make their own videos on YouTube or in a Facebook group that they could send to people.

How to REALLY sell

There is leader in my company that shared one big secret when it comes to sales. It’s not very well known, but I know there is someone else out there that this can help.

People who have no training in marketing don’t understand this.

Most people go to “Join my team” or “Buy my thing”.

People who don’t have a lot of experience sell the thing. They’re trying to get you to buy the products… the cream, the juice, the shampoo.

You want to think a bit deeper than that.

Do you buy a drill because it looks good?


Do you buy a drill because you want to be able to hang something?

What are the benefits that people get from the products and services that you offer?

Think about how you help them. It may even help if you think about how the products have helped you!

If you want to learn more about how you can create content that gets people interested in your products or business opportunity, here is a training that will help you!

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