The Most Effective Forms of Marketing

There are tons of strategies out there, but today I wanted to dive into the top underutilized, most effective forms of marketing that are proven to guarantee results.

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The Most Effective Forms of Marketing

It’s crucial to market yourself if you want to stand out and grow your tribe.

Finding the most effective forms of marketing can help you get ahead, because you’ll covet some exclusive trainings.

Here’s my thoughts:

There are different things that you can do including video, blog posts, social media posts, email marketing, and even text marketing.

If you have a small following or are just getting started… You most likely feel as if you don’t have enough people to talk with. That’s OK. Using this method will help you make people people curious about what you’re doing, as well as build your following. They will want to stick around and see how things are going for you.

Personal reach outs or communicating in a way that appears like personal reach outs is very under utilized!

People want to feel some sort of connection, they want to know that you are there to help them.

If you have an email list or are messaging people you have talked with in the past. Say to them “Hey, at one point in time you were interested in ____________________. Is that something that you are still looking to do?”

Most people take 8-12 exposures before they will decide to buy something. This gives you an open to see if they have found something to help them, or learn if they are still trying to accomplish this goal.

There are people who will see this message, and realize that they have not found the success that they want. They now see that you are still there to help them.

When you are creating content in posts, FB and IG stories, look for the people who are watching. Reach out to those people.

Those are the people who are watching you. They are waiting. They just need a little nudge.

Don’t let your own self doubts get in your way. Don’t let the fear of judgement get in the way. Those things are what lead to failure. They prevent you from really helping the people that are looking for help.

Many times you are so wrapped up in our own mind, that it keeps you from reaching the potential that you are capable of.

The worst thing that can happen is that they say NO. The great thing about social media is that there are TONS of people that you can connect with.

If you want some help with creating your social media content and connecting with the people you know that you NEED to be talking with, check out this video series. It reveals the Time-Tested coveted-secret to Get Fresh, Quality Prospects Asking YOU About YOUR Opportunity Every Single Day

Because that’s what you want right?

You want people to start asking you for information about your products and services.

Hope you enjoy the videos!

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