What is attraction marketing?

What is attraction marketing?

There’s a winter storm rolling through Tennessee this week. The horses and I spent time playing in it.

Social media offers many benefits when it comes to building a home business.

The BEST being that you can get in front of many more people than you would be able to in person.

When it comes to building a home business, there are two different routes that you can take. One is using marketing. The other is using prospecting.

There are people who have built their businesses using one or even both of these methods. Personally I use both.

You may have heard the term attraction marketing somewhere along the line. All it means is that you are creating content that makes another person feel as if what you do is of interest to them.

It’s like a moth to a flame.

You create content on social media, and then get it in front of people to see who responds.

There are different types of content that you can create.

  1. Informational
  2. Educational
  3. Entertainment
  4. Lifestyle

Lately I have a lot of people just posting something to say good morning to their friends list, and hoping that these people will buy their products.

It’s nice to be nice….

But you need to do more than just be nice…

You should always be creating posts with a goal in mind.

What do you want your post to do for you?

  1. Build your following
  2. Create sales
  3. Identify potential clients/customers
  4. Transfer people to your email list

Depending on what goal you have in mind will help you determine what type of content you should be posting at the time.

The more intentional that you are, the faster you will see success build up!

Hope this helps you out!

Chat soon!



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