What is the fastest way to build a network marketing business?

What is the fastest way to build a network marketing business?

I’ve been immersed in another training with my mentor, and this one has gone much deeper on psychology than any other training that I have done with her.

I had another blog previously were I would talk about the things I learned from Diane. The reason that I love learning from Diane is that she is all about attraction marketing. I have learned so much about how to create posts and videos that are meant to draw people in. Honestly, I like it better than trying to chase people all over the place.

Does prospecting work? YES

Does attraction marketing work? YES

Can you use both? YES

Which method is faster?

In general prospecting is definitely the faster way to build a network marketing or direct sales business. Attraction marketing gives you more leverage and freedom though.

Attraction marketing allows you to get away from the awkward conversations. It allows you to connect with people who are actually interested in what you offer.

There’s one key piece that slows MOST people down when it comes to attraction marketing! You have to be getting out in front of new people all the time.

Some people are ready to buy when they first hear about something. Some people will choose to watch, but never buy. MOST people will need to hear something 8-12 times before they actually decide that they want to buy something. This is how it works with both prospecting and attraction marketing.

When you are prospecting, reaching out 8-12 times can feel very frustrating and overwhelming. You have to reach out to people consistently. You have to be in the front of their mind. Many times people will not even respond. Sometimes people will decide that they don’t want to stick around for it any more. You are slowly trying to persuade or convince the person that they need what you offer.

When you are using attraction marketing, people will reach out to you when they are ready. You continue to feed them information. They will check out the things that they feel they need.

Did you know that it is much EASIER to get someone to buy something when they FEEL they need it?

Attraction marketing has a lot of parts and pieces, but it’s very SIMPLE to do. It’s great for the person who has a job they work at. It’s great for the person who has a busy home life. It’s great for the person who does not feel comfortable reaching out to strangers every single day, or sending tons of messages that people don’t answer right away.

The system that I learned attraction marketing with gets you set up quickly and easily. You can try it out here for $10.

No matter what method you choose to use, stay CONSISTENT.

The more that you show up. The more content that you create. The more success you will see happen in your business.

Which method will you choose?

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