What does it really take to build a home business?

What does it really take to build a home business?

Being able to work from home gives me more time to do the things that I love, like spend time with this big guy ❤

What does it really take to find the success that you are looking for in your business?

I know I have been a little quiet that past few weeks on here. I have had a lot going on in my business though! September was the best month I have ever had since I moved my business online in 2017.

Why’s that?

If you follow me on social media, or have followed my previous videos and blogs, you know that I have taken a lot of courses over the years. Knowledge of course isn’t useful unless you actually do something with it though.

Two of the things that I have really been focusing on are building my following, and learning what type of content they want to see or learn about. As I have been doing this, I have definitely seen growth. So far, September has had the largest growth in sales and sign ups at once compared to previous months in my business.

Maybe you have been trying to build your following, or maybe you never thought about looking for new people to talk with everyday.

One thing I KNOW for sure is that you need to always be finding new people to talk with. You never know when someone will finally be ready to buy, but if you wait for that one person you could be waiting a long time. It sometimes takes up to 8 contacts before someone will finally decide that they’re ready. Of course, there are other people who are quicker.

If you consistently work on building your audience, you will be able to find some of those people who are ready. You will also be able to wait for the people who take a little more time, since you will have people coming in that are ready.

Consistency is what definitely makes the difference.

If you work on building your following and learning about what they want to hear more about, you will start to see the changes happen in your business.

As I worked on this everyday I saw

My following growing, the engagement on my posts began increasing, and I started to learn more about what content they would really respond to. Once you start doing that, the sales will start to come in.

You always have to be putting the other person first. You will buy products that make you feel better than you did before. Learn how to help others find that feeling. Learn to help people see that you have what they have been looking for.

If this is something that you are not used to doing, it may seem awkward at first. You want sales. You need to bring in more money. I totally get that!

When you start helping get what they want, that’s when you will start getting what you want.

If you want to learn more about how you can use attraction marketing in your business, check out this video.

Until next time!

PS…if you want to learn more about what I do to earn an income from home, check out this video.


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