How to create more sales in your business when you feel stuck

How to create more sales in your business when you feel stuck

I love this mug so much! What a great award to recieve!

When you a building a home business, you obviously can’t have success all the time. There will be spaces of time where you feel like you have hit a plateau, and there’s not much new business coming in.

That is the exact time that you need to keep going. Keep working. Stay busy.

That’s the time when something great is about to happen for you.

I always remind myself of this!

I was actually just in a period where it seemed like things had leveled off. I felt as if I just could not get back into momentum. I played so many audiobooks and podcasts to keep myself going. To keep myself motivated.

Then it happened!…My followers began growing again. My messages were getting busy.


I came home to find a BIG box on my front porch! I thought I had ordered something and just forgot about it. When I looked at the box, I thought at first it was addressed to someone else…but then I saw my name on it. I had no idea where it came from.

When I opened the box, inside I found this letter and this mug!

The mug and letter that was sent to me for the progress in my business this year. So awesome!

I was being recognized for the growth my business has had this year. I was so busy judging myself and being hard on myself, that I didn’t realize how much my business has grown.

It’s so crazy how things work out sometimes. BUT…this is why it’s also important NOT to get stuck in comparitis when you watch what other people are doing.

I have talked with several people who have felt stuck in their business. Each time I have noticed that, they then spend more time looking to see what other people are doing. Then they fall into the trap of wishing that their business was doing as well. Then they stop working on their business.

This happens to so many people.

There are a few things that I highly recommend for anyone that feels stuck in their business. These are things that have helped me through the rough patches every time.

  1. Stop being hard on yourself. Beating yourself up does NOT bring money into your business. Taking action DOES though!
  2. Find someone who is doing what you want to be able to do, and learn from them. I don’t mean to sit there and just watch though. Talk with them. Ask them what they are doing. Then use the same strategies yourself.
  3. Find an accountability partner. There are plenty of people out there who would love to have a friend to do this with. I don’t mean someone that your recruit. I mean someone who is more like a study buddy….make them a work buddy!
  4. Do more income producing activities! These are actual activities that help you locate and talk with potential clients and customers. Scrolling through social media does not count as an income producing activity.

Every time that I feel like I am not moving as quickly as I would like, I remind myself of this list.

It is so easy to just feel frustrated and give up. If you have big goals, you don’t want to do that though!

Pick yourself up. Shake off the dust and RUN!

You are capable of anything that you put your mind too!

I hope this helps you.

Chat soon


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